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Inspiring Story of the Week – A Magical Christmas



by Linda Susan

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It was Christmas Eve day and Linda was stranded in Zurich, Switzerland. She was traveling to meet other backpackers in Austria, but an avalanche prevented her train from reaching her desired station and deposited her in Zurich.

It was pre-Euro and she had Austrian shillings, not Swiss Francs.  Banks were closed until after Christmas.  She hoped the US Embassy would loan her funds until the banks reopened.  Wandering the streets of Zurich, she asked harried last-minute shoppers for directions in English and French.  Alas, she was in an area where they spoke Swiss German.  People ignored her as they rushed to complete their shopping.  She was cold, scared and felt utterly forlorn. 

Miracles occur when least expected and, unbeknownst to her, Linda’s Christmas miracle was about to unfold. Read this inspiring and heart-warming story which exemplifies the generosity of the human spirit and the true meaning of Christmas.

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Tales2Inspire ~ The Jade Collection

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