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1.  I alone created the submitted work and have not copied any part of it from the work of another. The work I have submitted has never been published in any form (including the Internet), nor is any part of it scheduled for publication. I warrant that this tale is written in my own words and does not violate copyrights held by any other person or entity. If I am under 18 years of age, my parent or guardian must also sign this release form.

2. I warrant that each image I submit with my ‘tale’ is either an original, owned by me or that I have written permission from the copyright owner. Although Tales2inspire® strongly encourages authors to include relevant images with their ‘tale’ submission, the publisher assumes no liability related to copyright infringements of those images.

3. I agree that, if my submitted work is approved for publication by Tales2Inspire®,  Tales2Inspire® may publish it, place an synopsis of it on the Tales2Inspire® website blog, and promote it as they determine, with full credit given to me as author of that ‘tale’.

4. I give to Tales2Inspire® first North American rights to publish or act as my representative to gain publication of my work in print, e-book and possible video/film formats, and grant said publisher full rights to publish my story as part of a Tales2Inspire® anthology under the copyright law, with full credit given to me as author of that ‘tale’.

5. I understand that (a) signing this form does not obligate Tales2Inspire® to publish my submitted work and (b) if Tales2Inspire® does decide to publish my work, no editorial changes will be made by Tales2Inspire® without my prior approval.

6. I understand that I will receive no monetary compensation in the form of payments or royalties resulting from the publication of my story in any Tales2Inspire® anthology.

7. I hereby indemnify and agree to hold Tales2Inspire®, its officers, directors, volunteers and employees, harmless for any liability resulting from any misrepresentation of any of the prior statements and representations made by me.

8. I hereby state that the statements made by me in this form are true, and I agree to the conditions and requirements stated above.

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Signature of Submitter                                                                                                            Date 

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