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by Mark H. Newhouse

In his Inspiring Story, Legacy Lost, Mark Newhouse shares a most poignant message.

 A teen-age girl saved herself from the Auschwitz death camps during World War II by working in a warehouse. In this inspiring story, we learn that for an entire year she sorted clothing for the Nazis.

winner_mint copy 2 After receiving orders to run her hands over the clothing taken from men, women, children and babies, she was surprised to find concealed objects. Eventually she realized the clothes came from Nazi extermination camp victims.

Unfortunately, Mark Newhouse, the author of Legacy Lost, knew almost nothing else about his mother’s true story. Later, he questioned why he hadn’t asked her to tell him some of her stories while she was alive.  He even wondered if he was afraid to hear the horrific details of how she survived. Or perhaps he was simply too busy with his own life to inquire.

Inspiring story by Mark Newhouse

Mark’s mom and her sister as children in Germany 

Mark learned a hard lesson from this inspiring story, but it gave him a new mission. It inspired him to tell others – writers and non-writers, adults and children – how important it is to preserve one’s stories. Now whenever he speaks at conferences, he shares this history of his lost legacy. That is why he urges others to record even the seemingly most unimportant episodes of their lives. “These are the gifts that become a precious, lasting, legacy for those we love, and those who may someday be inspired by our stories,” explains Mark.

Read more about Mark’s views on the importance of preserving our stories.

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Born in Germany to Holocaust survivors, Mark Newhouse loved all phases of his work as a teacher. He worked in both Central Islip, New York, and SUNY Old Westbury. Mark has received numerous awards in recognition of both his teaching and writing skills. The New York State Reading Association presented him with their Elementary/Secondary Teacher of the Year award in 1989. Other awards included Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Award (2001) and several awards from both the Florida Writer’s Association and the Writers’ Digest. He created The Bullystoppers Handbook and other materials to help combat bullying, free at

Some of Mark’s books include: ECTOS: The Ghost Doctor’s Assistant, (Solstice Publishing); The Rockhound Science Mysteries and The Midnight Diet Club, a humorous novel about bullying, Next up: Who Killed Mr. Bulk?, featuring the lawyer for mythical monsters and fictional folk,  and Ghosts of Our Past, a novel of the Holocaust.

Mark received his BA and MA from Queens College, New York, but now resides in Florida, where he enjoys visiting schools and libraries to inspire children to read and write.

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