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by Susan C. Haley

In this inspiring story, Susan tells about an experience filled with wonder –

the day she helped bring a newborn calf into this world.

Humorous Story of the challenges of caring for a neighbor's plants

She had been caring for this momma cow for several days, noticed her milk was running, giving Susan a clear signal that she was ready to give birth. The mamma’s burgeoning belly warned that the calf was a large one. Susan shuddered as she thought of this old gal bearing more agony than she was already feeling in her arthritic joints. She worried if this momma would have the strength to deliver, but although she felt helpless, decided there was nothing more to do but wait.

Hasn’t this poor creature suffered enough? Susan cried out, It’s up to You to do something! she implored. She’s a good girl; too gentle to bear this any longer. When no answer came, finally, in full darkness, she trudged dejectedly to the house. City bred, the country ways were often difficult for her.

Hours later Susan woke with a start, feeling an unexplainable fear stuck in her throat. She jumped up and grabbed her jeans, struggling into them while running to the door. It was just pre-dawn and with cool grass dew wet under her feet, she backtracked long enough to grab her boots from the porch. At the barn, she fumbled for the light and nearly fainted at what she saw. There, on the piled hay, the old heifer lay panting, the spot beneath her turning crimson. Susan dropped to her knees beside the heaving cow. Then she saw it.

Oh, God, the baby! It’s going to suffocate! Susan jumped up and yelled out the door.  Somebody! Help me! Frantic, she rushed back to the heifer’s side, terrified at what was happening. The calf seemed to be lodged in the birth canal. All that was visible were its head, shoulders, and one leg. Then some Force took over as she ripped the membrane from the baby’s face, furiously wiping the mucous from its nostrils.

Miracle_milk cropped

Yes, you can see from the image above that this inspiring story has a happy ending.

Miracle is now published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection

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