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Read any of these Tales2Inspire® inspirational books for a burst of motivation and some peaceful, uplifting thoughts. Make a lasting impression with a Tales2Inspire® book – the ideal gifts with an oh, so affordable price tag. 

Remember our motto: Give the gift of inspiration, at less than the cost of a box of chocolates.


Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection

Unbelievable but true – Beyond Coincidence events that might leave you questioning:

Is there an unknown force that navigates the course of our lives?

Contest winning authors write Inspiring stories of beyond coincidence events in this Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection

“This is a book with a heart. Filled with stories which reveal what happens when we choose to live in a world that is life enhancing for all God’s creatures. Read and learn the lessons of life.”

Dr. Bernie Siegel, noted physician, humanist and author (A Book of Miracles, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, The Art of Healing)



Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection

True, motivational stories of Awakenings moments to uplift your spirits, enrich your thoughts and inspire you to live a more meaningful life.

“Each powerful yet touching story in this compilation is a tribute to the inherent qualities of compassion and strength in the human spirit.”

Glenn Poveromo, Motivational teacher, Author: The Power of Visualization, Change Your Thinking Change Your Life, The Spirit’s Self-Help Book



Tales2Inspire ~ The Diamond Collection Series I

All the stories published in the Emerald and Topaz Collections under one cover.

#Tales2Inspire #Diamond Collection - Series I

Save $$$ by buying this 2 for 1 edition.



Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection

Powerful, true stories filled with unforgettable memories that shout out, pass me along, share me with your family and friends.

Contest winning authors write Inspiring stories of powerful memories for Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection

“Stern certainly delivers just what its title promises – inspirational stories of universal appeal that enrich the the soul, nourish the mind and offer us valuable lessons about living a fulfilling life.”

Iris Engels, Corporate and commercial attorney for the publishing, multimedia and entertainment industries



Tales2Inspire ~ The Ruby Collection

Motivational stories of human and even non-human species responding to others in times of need. Their gifts of compassion will lighten your spirits while warming your heart.

Gifts of Compassion in these #Inspiring stories in the Tales2Inspire Ruby Collection

“I found I could not read only one story. It’s hard not to want more of a really good thing. So I read them all and was enthalled. The collection of tales are so absorbing, interesting and inspiring, you won’t want to put the book down. But when you do, you will feel a glow of vicarious delight.”

Vicki Warner, Author, Adult Educator, Grief and Loss group facilitator

“If you have any doubts about the power of love, read this book. All it takes is one person to reach out to make positive changes in someone’s life. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages.”

Shauna L. Bowling, Freelance Writer/Copy Editor, Inspiring Another “Chicken Soup forn the Soul”



Tales2Inspire ~ The Diamond Collection Series II

All the stories published in the Sapphire and Ruby Collections under one cover.

Save $$$ by buying this 2 for 1 edition.



Tales2Inspire ~ The Garnet Collection

Magical stories of our friends in feathers and fur and their human friends who love them.

Inspiring stories in Tales2Inspire ~ The Garnet Collection

“Animals are teachers and healers because they are complete while we have much to learn. . . . These stories about compassionate animals can help us all learn more about life and make our existance more meaningful.”

Dr. Bernie Siegel, noted physician, humanist and author (A Book of Miracles, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, The Art of Healing)



Tales2Inspire ~ The Pearl Collection

Stories of some amazing kids with individual passions, who have created awesome projects to better our world.

True stories of awsesome kids in thie #Tales2Inspire #PearlCollection

“Working with Lois W. Stern has been one of the most eye-opening and rewarding experiences of my life. I have learned to be grateful for human interaction and the importance of sharing stories with communities around the globe. This is how we grow compassion in our hearts and inspire each other as teachers and students to build a better world for the future.”

Estarlyn (Starling) Hiraldo, Artist, Musician, and Filmmaker. His story, ’Gentle Voice for Social Justice’, is published in this collection.



Tales2Inspire ~ The Diamond Collection Series III

All the stories published in the Garnet and Pearl Collections under one cover.

Save $$$ by buying this 2 for 1 edition.



Tales2Inspire ~ The Crystal Collection

Laugh-out-loud stories with well formed, funny observations about life and living that shimmer with humorous truths.

“This Crystal Collection shimmers with humorous truths. You’ll enter with pleasure and leave with a smile in your heart.”

Lois Paige Simenson, Author, playwright, journalist for The Alaska Philosophaster

“This book just managed to strike my funny bone, touch my heart and tickle my brain in one quick reading.”

Mort Laitner, Author of A Hebraic Obsession, Filmaker of The Stairs.



Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection

Stories of meeting challenges – some with humor, others through sheer grit and determination – to become Stronger Today. Their stories might just make you feel humbled by vulnerabilities, buoyed by achievements and charmed by chuckles.

Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection

“As a new contestant and winner, I am a stronger writer today because of the challenge and breadth of this learning experience. The warm inclusion into a family of talented and perceptive authors is beyond satisfying. I am eager to urge you to follow Lois W. Stern and her writers helping writers initiative. It is indeed a ‘Tale2Inspire’ of which you will want to become a part. “

Linda Bond, Writing coach and workshop leader, founding member of The Circle of Six Writers Group. whose anthology of non-fiction short stories highlights the voices of Canadian women.



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