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Stephen Herdåndez

Five Years, an Inspiring Story

 by Stephen Hernández,

another Tales2Inspire® talented author

Stephen Hernández was born in 1960, in Bromley, England, but spent much of his childhood in Venezuela.  He has lived and worked in South America for a large part of his life.  He works as a translator and interpreter of Spanish, but stopped working for two years in 2007 when he developed liver cancer.  He had a liver transplant and has since been on immunosuppressants to prevent his body from rejecting his new liver. Stephen now divides his time between England and Italy and is studying for another degree in interpreting, with a specialization in medicine.  When he is not working he likes to write short stories.

Stephen’s winning story, Five Years, details the events of a particularly traumatic period in his life: the sudden death of his wife, bankruptcy and discovering he had incurable cancer. It relates how when all appears to be without hope, a chance meeting can change your life and give you hope even in the darkest hours.

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Five Years

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