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by Dayle Finn

Humorous Story of the challenges of caring for a neighbor's plants

In this inspiring story, Dayle shares the true tale of the unusual friendship

between a white goose and a tan lab.

Les Brown and his wife Betty certainly had an inspiring story to share!


They were on their porch keeping an eye on their yellow Lab. Samson was lying in his favorite morning spot. The sun was warming the lawn beneath him. Cataracts were stealing his sight, so he was less likely to wander off. But still, Les and Betty always kept an eye out for him when he was outside. They had not even finished their first cup of coffee when they noticed a white goose waddle up the lawn. It had come from a pond that bordered the Browns’ property. It was known as Messer Pond. When the goose got close to Samson, he cocked his head, as if asking a question.

The Browns leaned forward on their deck chairs ready to jump up if the goose attacked Sampson.

To their surprise, Sampson didn’t bark. The goose never hissed. Instead the Browns watched the goose settled down right against Sampson. It tucked its head under its wing. Sampson laid his head on his front paws. Then they both took a nap.

Sampson and Delilah is a most inspiring story of a white goose and a tan lab who met by chance and became devoted friends. This is a till death do us part story that might bring a little tear to your eye. But it is a beautiful story. Each animal had different needs. They seemed to instinctively understand what they were. They were just happy to spend much of each day fulfilling those needs for one another. Both animals got companionship. One also got guidance as his eyesight continued to fail.


A most unusual bonding of two animals - one with fur and one with feathers

The unusual friendship of two different animals


The story of Sampson and Delilah is now published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Garnet Collection

and the double header, Tales2Inspire ~ The Diamond Collection – Series III

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