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We will create a beautiful MOW-WOW book to tell the story of your beloved pet.

Each Mow-Wow book is an original, with content, cover design, text & picture formatting, and publication all done by us.

Each book is written by a Tales2Inspire® multi-award winning author. 

Please first read the details below. If you have further questions, you can contact me at with your full name, telephone number and best time to reach you (day, evening) in your email.



Book Size: 6” X 9”

Illustrations: Full color on every page

Ink: Premium color

Page count: 28-30

Cover: Full color, glossy

STEP ONE: Before we begin, you need to gather all the photos and other images you would like to have included in your book, numbered in the order you would like them to appear. 

STEP TWO: Once you have completed Step One, notify me at and you will  receive instructions for downloading a Free easy-to-use app, for transmitting your images. Please also include your full name, telephone number and best time to reach you (day, evening) in your email.

STEP THREE: You will receive a set of questions that you may use as information to include in your Mow-Wow book, but you may also include any other information you wish. (For those to hate to write, you may submit this information by voice memo).

STEP FOUR: I will then create a first draft, based on the information you provided, giving you an opportunity to preview it for needed line edits before publication.

STEP FIVE: Once approved, you will receive a beautiful, full color edition of your book: Size: 6′ X 9″ with a glossy pictured cover

COST: $99.

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