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INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK: A Legacy of Strength by Jane Forgey


A Legacy of Strength

by Jame Forgey

Jane writes her inspiring story in loving memory of her Mama and Papa

“Get yourself a lawyer. I want a divorce!” were the words her husband suddenly announced. For years she had worked endless hours in their forty-five-seat coffee shop,  trying to hold their lives together. She thought she was doing everything possible to help. Now she was in shock. She knew in an instant she was in the deepest trouble of her life. No one in her family had ever gotten a divorce. Having no self-confidence, and never having plans or goals of her own, she could not begin to fathom that something like this could ever happen to their family.

Paralyzed with fear, she tells her teenage daughters, ages 14 and 16, and her 18 year old son, “I cannot explain what has happened or your father’s actions.” She has no answers to their tearful and heart wrenching questions.  She feels distraught for everyone. All she can say is, “Don’t get into any trouble. Don’t make my life more difficult. Please, stay clear of bad influences and drugs.” They roll their eyes until they realize their family is down and out, abandoned. Daddy is not coming home, not even for them. Jane cannot utter one sentence without cursing. Her children look at her frightened, and tremble at her irate voice. Every night alone and afraid, she cries.

Inspiring story of Jane's parents holding their twin babies

Jane’s parents with their twin babies

an Inspiring story published in Tales2Inspire The Opal Collection, an anthologyStronger Today BEcause Inspiring stories

During her divorce, Jane began to think about how her parents managed the difficulties of their lives. She realized just how much she had learned from their example. They became her inspiring story. Their standards were the ones she fell back on time and again, as she and her children were forced to discover their own inner strengths.

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