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INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK: I Always Called Him Unkie by Lois W. Stern

Inspiring Story of the Week

I Always Called Him Unkie

by Lois W. Stern


Maurice Levenbron was himself an Inspiring Story to the many whose lives he touched.

In retrospect, I suspect his motivational story impacted none moreso than it impacted me. I was the child who toddled into the room and jumped into his arms when he returned to the states after WWII.

Unkie, as I called him, was an indelible part of my life from that day forward. He moved in with our family after returing from that “War to End All Wars”. He was a WWII hero, who later became an accomplished attorney, but was also known as a great raconteur. His easy going style served as a magnet that continually drew other to his side. Yes, he was loved by many and surely left his mark. Family, friends and clients alike felt his charisma, sincerity and genuine interest in their lives. Enduring friendships were another badge he wore proudly, perhaps even more meaningful to him than the ones that decorated his Captain’s uniform upon his return to the USA.

Inspiring story of a WWII hero

Today memories of this man still bring smiles to the faces of those whose lives he touched, but probably not moreso to any other human being than to this author. His models of intellectual curiosity, generosity and humanity are constant reminders to me of the life I want to live. Yes, they have even served as an impetus to my Tales2Inspire project, but he would be the last person to recognize that as so.

What inspirational models did he leave behind for me? You will need to read the brief autobiography that follows my story to learn the ways he touched my life and inspired me to do what I do today.


I Always Called Him Unkie is now published in

Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection

Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection



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