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Inspiring Story of the Week: ADAM by Nancy Perry

Inspiring Story of the Week


by Nancy Perry

 Finalist Tales2inspire annual writers' contest

This is the inspiring story of Adam and his guidance counselor, Nancy Perry.

Adam seemed a typical 12 year old boy. He met his guidance counselor, Nancy, in the school parking lot each morning and they exchanged small talk as they walked toward her office.  It is not unusual for a student to latch on to a favored adult in the school so Nancy thought nothing of it, until the morning he said “I wish you were my mother.”  But when he added, “I bet you don’t try to hurt your children,”  her antennae went up.

ADam, an Inspiriong story of Adam, now puboished in #Tales2Inspire #OpalCollection

Later, when they had a little talk in her office, Nancy learned that his mother had recently remarried, had a baby and according to Adam, didn’t want him any more. Nancy tried to ease things over by talking about the stress of a new baby and how it would eventually pass, but when Adam related a story of his mother chasing him with a heavy glass coke bottle, trying to hit him in the head, her antenna went up. Was this abuse or just a stressed mother and a sassy kid? Nancy decided to call Child Protective Services and let them decide. To her surprise, she learned there was an open file on Adam, beginning when he was two years old, when his mother had lit matches under his fingernails to “teach him not to play with fire.”

The caseworker decided that Adam should stay in the home because he was old enough to get out of his mother’s way. But Adam decided differently, and one day showed up in Nancy’s office to say goodbye. He disappeared from Namcy’s life, but she was saddened to learn that he had gotten in trouble with the law. Her feelings of guilt were palpable. It took eight years, but then an unexpecteed phone call came one Thanksgiving morning.


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