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 Inspiring Story of the week

by Lois W. Stern

A Personal Awakenings moment becomes an inspiring story.

This inspiring story started with a curious e-mail message from Dr. Philip Walker of Middlesex University, London, UK. He was inviting me to be the guest presenter at Middlesex University, where they had scheduled a convocation to take place four weeks hence. The topic, Inner Beauty. At first I pondered, Why me,  couldn’t they find anyone in all of England qualified to address this topic? Furthermore, why such a late invitation for such a seemingly important event? Even if all else worked out, I would have little time to prepare for such a high profile event. 

Dr. Walker went on to explain that, after reading my article on Inner Beauty posted on Real Self, he felt I had an important message to share. Although he never directly stated this, he implied that their intended speaker has just backed out. In his next e-mail, he asked if I would consider his proposal, ending with a clincher statement that they would be honored to have “such an outstanding personality” in their midst. He assured me that they wiould make all arrangements to welcome me as soon as I accept their invitation. After asking a few more particulars, including my speaking fee, he ended this and each subsequent e-mail with the words:

Stay Blessed

Dr Philips Walker

Middlesex University.

Tel: +44 702 408 2535

I respond with equal measures of hope, skepticism, and pride, asking a number of pointed questions. He answered each of them in turn, with answers that sounded reasonable and generous. He explained that I would be addressing an audience of approximately 850 people and that yes, I would be welcome to offer my books for sale at the conclusion of my presentation. I bury my nagging doubts and agree to his terms because his offer sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity. They are paying for my flight, hotel accommodations, meals and further travel expenses, and did I mention their proposed 7,000 USD speaking fee?

Then it all comes tumbling down with one buried clause in the forthcoming contract. With eyes wide open I realize that I am the one who has Stayed Blessed because I pulled back just in time. You might be wondering why this is such an inspiring story, so let me explain.This experience taught me a powerful lesson is humility.  Until that awakening moment, I never thought much about the words, Pride Goeth Before the Fall!

pride goeth

This story is now published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection

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