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Inspiring Story of the Week: CURVES AHEAD by MJ McGrath

Inspiring Story of the Week


by MJ McGrath


It was the summer of MJ’s thirteenth birthday when she found herself pedalling furiously to her summer job as a mother’s helper to her sister, Liliane.

The youngest of nine children, their parents had never bought a bicyle, new or used, for any of her siblings, but she got a brand new one. Liliane had convinced them that she really needed one to navigate that daily isolated three-mile trek to her home and back all summer long.

She arrived, greeted by the sweet smell of baking, the pungent scent of a freshly lit cigarette and a neat row of four pairs of children’s shoes.

Life was simple. The children played at the project playground, swam in the nearby river.  MJ’s wage was based on her teenage palate, not her pocketbook. It included bottled Cokes, the small ones, sometimes watered-down to go around, and unlimited, melt-in-your-mouth, butterscotch squares. 

Inspiring story of a summer job as mother's Helper

On that first morning, MJ was rewarded with more than even money could buy—the welcoming shrieks of her four nieces and nephews. MJ promisied each of them a spin on her bike, figuring that except for arms and legs, each would fit in the bike’s wicker basket.

Life was so different then . . . a time when you learned about womanly ways through whispers and innuendo, when you stuck with your marriage vows no matter what. 


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