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I am proud to introduce you to my two Tales2Inspire editors:

Rod DiGruttolo and Adrienne Drake, MD 

I have had the pleasure of working with both Rod DiGruttolo and Adrienne Drake in the past and have great admiration for them both. Rod is the skilled group leader for the Sarasota Writers’ Group, where his traits of diplomacy, guidance in adding poignant details, (and deleting others of lesser importance) shine. Adrienne has the ability to grasp the hidden essence of a story, turning a wandering tale into an inspiring one. You won’t go wrong following the advice of either of these astute editors.
Creator of Tales2Inspire


Rod DiGruttolo: Are you a story teller? Well, I am and I know telling a tale is easier than writing it down. Words on paper (or electronic media) show little action because speech patterns and body language are lost. Using only words to convey your intended message in print form takes time and thought but it can be done. Often potentially moving stories are written so that they come across as newspaper articles. The facts are there, the grammar is correct and the words are spelled right but they have little feeling and no heart; because of that, the story does not move the reader. Too much information can actually distract readers from the central theme of a story and too little might kill a great tale. I help writers find that balance. Sometimes parts of a story might better be eliminated and others expanded. I have worked with Lois on several Tales2Inspire projects in the past and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I look forward to helping you as well. You can contact me at: and put EDIT HELP in the subject line.

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Adrienne Drake, MD: As an author myself, I so value the written word. As an editor, my main focus is to help the author develop a  piece of work from a reader’s perspective. Looking for flow, feeling and relevancy, I check for punctuation, structure and consistency, making constructive suggestions without rewriting the author’s work.

Contact Adrienne at: Put EDIT HELP in the subject line.


It was a pleasure working with Rod. He was very friendly yet at the same time very professional and I would recommend him to any writer that needs some help.”

Stephen Hernández – Kent, England
Author of ‘Five Years’ – Tales2Inspire ~ The Ruby Collection

Rodney DiGruttolo provided me with insightful suggestions and editing which greatly improved my novel. He acted as a sounding board and a constructive advisor, providing me with fresh perspectives as needed, to rework the weak spots, elevating the overall quality of my book. Rod is an author too, and leader of the bi-monthly meetings of the Sarasota Writers’ Group. He understands writers, and best of all, he helps them understand the average reader. Our membership represents a wide spectrum of genre. As a member of this group, I have witnessed his encouragement, perceptive critiques, and helpful advice to fellow writers in our diverse membership. I consider myself fortunate that he agreed to help me. I highly recommend him as an editor.

E. G. Ovitz – Sarasota, Fl.
Author of The Seventh King

Adrienne supported my story’s revision by offering specific suggestions to enhance both the motivation to read on, and the overall impact of the story’s message. Her feedback was sensitively embedded within a balance of identifying and praising inherent strengths in my work. Her own writing presents a strong modelling for the effective use of story-writing elements leading to pieces that come across as naturally-written prose—every writer’s goal. 

Linda Bond – Belleville, Canada

Author of ‘The Swan’ – Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection

It was a pleasure to work with Adrienne Drake as my editor. 
She is kind and compassionate in suggesting revisions for my story. I found her thorough and competent for drawing the details out and yet keeping my voice and vision. It was an extraordinary challenge for me as a new writer, enhanced by Adrienne’s help. I can not thank her enough. 
Jane Forgey – Clinton, Connecticut
Author of ‘Legacy of Strength’ – Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection

** Please note that these are add-on services. Adrienne and Rod have both agreed to offer their editing services to Tales2Inspire authors at substantially reduced fees. They are definitely worth it!