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by James Osborne

Aunt Mary’s Birthday is an inspiring story about keeping love alive.

Uncle Don was in hospital, despite it being a special day for his wife, Mary. Mary spent many waking hours by his bedside ever since he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, but when at home she anxiously awaited his calls. After being married for over fifty years, they didn’t like being apart, so Don would phone Mary two or three times a day.

On this particular day, the phone rang just before noon. It was Mary’s birthday so when the phone rang this time, she didn’t expect it to be Don again because he had just called her a few minutes earlier. Mary was surprised by this second phone call, but just assumed he had forgotten to tell her something earlier.

““Mary, look out the kitchen window,” Don said in his characteristic matter-of-fact tone, “You know, the one overlooking the driveway.”

Puzzled by the strange request, Mary asked,“What for, Don?”

In this Inspiring Story, you will see how a little playfulness adds spice to one couple’s life.

“Just look out the window, please,” Don said patiently “and then tell me what you see.”

Mary’s curiosity got the best of her as she walked to the window and was startled by what she saw in their driveway.

“Don!” she said, alarmed as she hurried back to the phone. “Someone’s parked a big white car in our driveway! Who would do such a thing?”

Don replied, “Mary, please go outside and see if the car fits in our garage, you’ll find the keys are in it.”

“Whatever for, Don?”, Mary asked her long-retired successful businessman husband.

“Never mind, Mary,” Don replied gently, “just do it for me while I hold on, okay?”

Mary loved this good-natured man ever since they were teenagers and was accustomed to humoring him. So she  agreed to go outside to see if the big car would fit into their oversized garage, and return to the phone to report her findings.

“Yes, Don,” she said, slightly out of breath, “I drove the car into the garage and it fits just fine. Now please tell me, what’s this all about?

an Inspiring story of a surprise birthday gift

                          a beautiful white Lexus

You can probably guess the charming ending to this inspiring story, but to get its full flavor, you really need to read it all.

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