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T. H. Everingham

Winning Tales2Inspire™ author for his story,

A Birthday Gift for Mom

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Thompson Everingham, aka T.H. Everingham, was born in 1929 in Pittsburgh PA.  He received his BA degree in Education from the University of Pittsburgh in 1951.  Following a self-interrupted teaching career with a three year army enlistment, he returned to Pittsburgh to get a Master in Letters degree in 1956. Electing to make a career in advertising, he worked years in various capacities as copywriter, free lance writer, industrial ad manager or account executive, eventually retiring while director of advertising for a Fortune 500 manufacturer. Tom’s works have appeared  in newspapers, in-house publications and magazines. He authored two self-published paperback books of verse, Out of the Blue Thoughts in Rhyme and A Book of Praise and Prayer Verse.  His 1960 paperback Treasures All Around You (now out of print) was possibly the country’s first general price guide to antiques

Tom’s winning story, A Birthday Gift for Mom, is a slice of life memory of his quandary in deciding how to use part of his allowance to buy a birthday gift for Mom, and still have money left over for some of his weekly treats. Having chosen to give up his usual nickel slice of cake at the White Tower, he faced a new problem  –  what’s the most acceptable thing a nickel could buy?  His final choice provides him with years of nostalgic memories.


A Fancy bar of soaps a special gift from child to his mom

A Birthday Gift For Mom



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