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 Congratulations to Micki Peluso

a five time Tales2Inspire winner!


The Whippoorwill’s Song

Micki learns how to cope with every parent’s worse nightmare. She loses her daughter, Noelle, due to a tragic accident and learns to live and even laugh again. But vehicular homicide is no laughing matter. Micki shares both her pain and her determination to not give up on life as she deals with this tragedy.

This story is published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection

All four of the following stories are now published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Crystal Collection

The first of Micki’s humorous stories: Tomatoes and Teenagers

Yes, an analogy does exist between the raising of tomatoes and teenagers, as this true slice of life story will attest. Six children, each a year or two apart, can be as delicate or as frustrating as raising tomatoes in a garden. The ending of this true humorous story shows how eventually justice prevails, and what goes around comes around. Both parents and their children survive, heading toward their just rewards.

Watch a lively video intro to this story, beginning at frame 5:55

The second of Micki’s humorous stories: 86 the Coleslaw

When a restaurant manager asks his wife to just ‘babysit’ their fast food restaurant while he’s away on  a business trip, she grudgingly agrees. In this story, everything that can go wrong does, causing calamity and shock among their customers and staff. Yet the wife is proud she survived with the restaurant almost intact, until her husband, hearing about the chaos. phones her and sternly tells her,”Don’t go near the Chicken Cop!”

Watch a lively video intro to this story, on frames 0:00 – 1:04.   

The third of Micki’s humorous stories:  The Mean Machines

It seemed a simple fact of life that all the mechanical lemons of the world end up in Micki’s home. She believes that electrical appliances somehow prey on unobtrusive women like her. She became suspicious of deliberate sabotage when she moved into her first home, which was filled with modern conveniences. The vacuum cleaner, for instance, only ran in reverse. She never complained, until the day it vacuumed her right out the front door.  .  .  . And that was just the beginning.

The fourth of Micki’s humorous stories: Relatives and Fish

When Micki’s oldest daughter called early one morning to ask if she could come home for a few weeks, ‘to get her head together’, Micki agreed without hesitation. She looked forward to having her home again, along with those two perfect male specimens, her grandsons. Do you remember that old saying about visitors and fish? In this hysterical tale, Micki shows us how the same holds true for relatives – children and grandchildren no exception.

For a lively video intro to this story, watch preview below from point 0:00 – 1:30.


Tales2Inspire 4 times award winner

Micki Peluso – a Tales2Inspire multi award winner


Micki Peluso won her first Tales2Inspire award for her inspiring story, The Whippoorwill’s Song, now published in Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection.  Her gift for humor even shone through in this tale, while she briefly mentioned the personal tragedy that sparked her writing career. The loss of a child through vehicular homicide lead to a first time publication in Victimology: An International Magazine. It also sparked a career in Journalism.

Micki has freelanced and been staff writer for one major newspaper and has written for two more. She has published short fiction and non-fiction, as well as slice of life stories. Her first book, published in 2012, is a funny family memoir of love, loss and survival, titled . . . And THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG. This book won the Nesta CBC Silver Award for Writing that Builds Character. She also won third place in the Predators and Editors Contest and first place in the People’s Choice Monthly Award. She has stories in ‘Women’s Memoirs’, ‘Tales2inspire’, and ‘Creature Features’. Two of her short horror stories are published in an International Award winning anthology called “Speed of Dark.” Micki is presently working on a collection of short fiction, and slice of life stories in a book collection called, ‘Don’t Pluck the Duck’.


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  1. Micki Peluso says:

    Dear Lois. This looks fantastic! I’m going to try and copy paste it on my two blogs, fan fb and facebook. Thank you so much!!!
    Micki Peluso

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