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After twenty years as an active educator, I continued to pursue my love of writing, soon becoming co-editor of a popular Long Island web-zine. As I created and authored my column Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives, I solidified my special niche of investigative journalism and put those same talents to work while writing Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery. I followed up with my second book, Tick, Tock, Stop the Clock – Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour to address many of the less invasive paths to beauty.


Despite having published two books about aesthetics (beauty of the face and body), I have forever been drawn to inner beauty stories – stories that touch the heart, mind and soul. I began writing stories about people and events that inspired me,  and eventually started inviting others to share their inspiring stories with me.

My innate curiosity about potentially fascinating human interest stories was the spark that ignited this Tales2Inspire™ project, but it was my feeling of frustration with the current state of traditional publishing that made those sparks blaze. The catch twenty-two today is that many truly talented writers never are given a chance, simply because they do not have a proven track record. So I began to create an alternate path for talented authors seeking ways to strengthen opportunities for discovery and name recognition.

A dream come true, I have now edited and published six Tales2Inspire books, filled with winning stories by talented writers from across the globe. We are building author platforms, one author at a time.

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 Learn more at the Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery website with refreshingly candid stories &  provocative insights into ways cosmetic surgery impacts women’s lives.


Visit the Tick Tock Stop the Clock website for hype-free advice from 11  nationally renowned professionals on affordable ways to enhance your beauty

Watch me on The Writer’s Dream cable TV network with host, Linda Maria Frank for a candid interview about both of these books.



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