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Inspiring Story of the Week: Finding the Cure

by Jimmy Peck

This is the inspiring, true story of Gavin Peck, a little boy living in his own world. His father struggles to save his son by dragging him back into the real world, […]

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Tales2Inspire Inspiring Stories Wins National Indie Excellence Award

Tales2Inspire Inspiring stories wins National Indie Excellence Award
‘Tales2Inspire®’ is an ongoing series of books that are inspiring and motivating. ‘Tales2Inspire – The Diamond Collection III’ was drawn from two other Tales2Inspire® collections.
[Wilmington, NC, August 19, 2020] Lois W. Stern is […]

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INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK: I Always Called Him Unkie by Lois W. Stern

I Always Called Him Unkie is the #InspiringStory Lois W. Stern, author and creator of Tales2Inspie, tells of her Uncle and how he inspired her to lead a more giving, unselfish life. Read More

INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK: A Legacy of Strength by Jane Forgey

The inspiring story of how Jane discovers inner strength through the models her immigarnt parent left behind after her husband unexpectably leaves her and her children. Read More