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Did you know . . .

The Tales2Inspire monthly newsletter goes out to many hundreds of subscribers. In it I feature three different winning authors each month (on a rotating basis), with a link to some highlights about you and your story. You will get repeat turns – for FREE.

What you can do . . . 

Ask your circle of family and friends to sign up for the Tales2Inspire newsletter.

What’s in it for them? Each new subscriber receives a free Tales2Inspire e-book sampler of already published stories.

CLICK for newsletter sign up form or copy and paste into your browser.

* Did you know . . .

Every author gets their winning story published on the Tales2Inspire blog – for FREE.. (If you don’t see yours, click n the words ‘Newer posts’, lower left of screen).

What you can do . .

Place a link on your website or blog to the your story on the Tales2Inspire blog and share it with all your contacts.

CLICK to reach the blog or copy and paste into your browser.

* Did you know . . .

I feature my wining authors’ stories on my author Facebook page. You will get repeat turns – for FREE –  which helps get YOUR name out over the internet.

What you can do . . . 

Pay it forward to your friends and ask them to LIKE the Tales2Inspire Facebook author page.

CLICK to reach my Facebook page or copy and paste into your browser..

* Did you know . . .

I create video trailers for many of the Tales2Inspire published stories, post them on our YouTube channel and include them in our newsletters.  All newsletter subscribers, Facebook LIKEs and other viewers have the opportunity to view them.

What you can do . . . 

Invite all your contacts to watch your video and those of the otherTales2Inspire authors. Encourage them to at least click the LIKE button, but also to leave a comment if motivated to do so.

CLICK to reach our YouTube channel or copy and paste into your browser.

* Did you know . . .

You can give  a FREE Tales2Inspire Crystal Collection Kindle e-book to one of your friends 

What you can do . . . 

Invite one person with a good sense of humor to take advantage of this free offer. 

CLICK for directions, or copy and paste into your browser.

Why? This is an experiment that I might expand or discontinue, depending on results, so get it while it’s hot!

Why hesitate? Strike while the iron is hot.

You can help grow the prestige of your Tales2Inspire award through these 

five FREE opportunities to promote yourself..


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