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Tales2Inspire Available for Animal Charity Fundraising


Tales2Inspire Available for Animal Charity Fundraising


Make Charitable Donations To An Animal Charity – Tales2Inspire Now Available For Fundraising

‘Tales2Inspire’ is an ongoing series of books that are inspiring and motivating. ‘Tales2Inspire – Four Legged Animal Helpers’ is filled with short animal stories

Most of us are animal lovers in one way or another. However many of our four-legged friends are in desperate need of help. As an individual we can only do so much. One author has developed a way that allows us to indulge our enjoyment of animals and help them at the same time.

Lois W. Stern, developer of six published ‘Tales2Inspire’ collections, has announced that ‘Tales2Inspire’ will partner with some worthy animal related organizations in their fundraising/income producing efforts. Because of her special love for four legged creatures, Stern will consider working with any reputable animal group, but will give first priority to companies that are dedicated to the happiness and well being of animals and their owners. She has made ‘Tales2Inspire – Four legged Helpers and Friends’ available for use as a fundraising tool for reputable animal welfare organizations.

Inspiring animal stories

Animal Helpers and Healers

Tales2Inspire Ready to Take Action

Tales2Inspire is ready to take action. Stern will assist the chosen company in soliciting appropriate stories, will establish and post written criteria for story submissions, develop and collect release forms attesting to originality and publication rights, edit stories, format the book(s), develop their online presence and work creatively with the selected organization(s) to make this project a success.

E-books will be purchased online, promoted as tax deductible donations or even given as gifts to those who make donations above a specified amount. Stern assures interested organizations that they will sustain no upfront costs to a fundraiser with excellent income producing potential.

Benefits to Animal Charity

Excellent income producing potential

No upfront costs or fees

Minimal effort

Continual branding of organization and its subsidiaries

(both inside and outside the book – i.e. exclusive book cover, company banner insertions, etc.)

Immediate payment (direct bank deposit with each book sale)

Quality product that in itself brings positive PR to organization

See full media release.


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