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Adrienne Drake, M.D.

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A three time Tales2Inspire Winner:

Saving Tiny Tim 2017

Art of the Soul 2019

Miss DeYoung 2019

Tales2Inspire Winner

When I was seven, my family moved from Los Angeles to the sleepy little town of Seal Beach, California, population then: around 7,000. I loved the natural rhythms of the ocean, with its shifting tides, and lingering sunsets. I learned to sail a 14 foot yellow boat and named her “Chicken of the Sea”. I body surfed, or walked the shoreline for hours at a time, absorbed by the beauty of everything around me. I never tired of watching the Sandpipers run up and down the beach in their frenetic search for the skittering little sand crabs that fed in the receding wash of the breaking waves. The  haunting sound of foghorns put me to sleep at night. It was this experience of growing up by the water that made me acutely aware of the miracles of nature.

Studying science was a logical extension of my fascination with the world around me. And becoming a physician allowed me to combine my curiosity about my environment with my desire to leave the planet a better place than I found it.

An Inspiring story published in Tales2Inspire The Opal Art of the Soul is an Inspiring story published in Tales2Inspire The Tolpaz Collection, an anthology of  Inspiring storiesPersonal Awakenings stories

A former patient, reading Adrienne’s story on here Kindle

Now that I am retired, I am finding many more ways to experience this awe. Raising monarch butterflies, gardening, walking my little dog, playing with my young godsons, painting or photographing nature, all continue to engage my love of the natural world and my delight in seeing my surroundings in new ways.

Having discovered the joy of writing, I hope to be able to share, through stories, how my earliest  passions carried me through a long and fulfilling career, and still serve me today in the “harvest time” of my life.



Saving Tiny Tim is now published in                               The Art of the Soul and Miss DeYoung are now published in

Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection.                                     Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection


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