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Discussion Questions Opal Collection


(Taken from my newest book, Tales2Inspire ~ The Opal Collection)

1. Gayla, Lost in Pink and Twinkle, Twinkle are three stories in this collection focused on people either directly or indirectly dealing with a serious illness. What do these stories suggest to you about facing some of these more difficult life challenges? 

2. At first glance the subjects of the two stories, Eugene and I Always Called Him Unkie, seem like very different men. Yet despite their differences, what traits do they share in common? What inspirations can you glean from some of their basic human characteristics to pass along to others?

3. Sometimes we have to step back from the frantic pace of our lives to transcend from utter chaos to tranquility. How does the story, The Swan, gives us that perspective about mother nature’s helping hand? 

4. It is not surprising that several of the Stronger Today stories focus on the impact of an educator on the life of a child. Which of these stories touched you most deeply and why? Can you relate to any of these children’s experiences?

5. Triumph Over Trauma, What is Life? and Legacy of Strength are stories of survival after traumatic experiences. What do these stories tell you about the strength of the human spirit? 

6. The Swan and Mr. Hoots are fine examples of the power of mother nature. What inspired you most about either of these stories.

7.  What life lessons do you think the author of Curves Ahead learned from her first summer job?

8.  What words would you use to describe the quality of the writing of the stories in this book?

9. Why do you think the Opal is a good choice as the gemstone to represent this particular collection of stories?

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